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The Princess and The Prosthetic

None of It Happened

None of it happened the way I thought it would.

I thought I would be finished with college at 21.

I thought I would be married at 23.

Pregnant at 25 with our first baby (a boy).

Pregnant at 26 with our second baby who would be a girl (of course).

I had it all planned out.  But……

None of that happened the way I thought it would.  In fact, it happened the furthest from the way I had it all planned out in my head.

I didn’t plan for it to take me longer to finish college.  Because I had to juggle paying for it and paying for my insulin.  That I would have to prioritize making enough money to keep me alive over paying for school.

I stayed in a bad relationship for way too long because I thought the timeline was so important.  I told myself to just deal with it, that this was how all relationships were, and that he would grow out of it.  I beat myself up and tore down my self worth.  All for the timeline and my plan.  I don’t know how many times I cried wondering if I would ever find someone that would be worth it.


I found that person at 27.  The person who is the calm to my wild, the navy blue to my hot pink, and the answer to all my prayers.  We found each other well past my preconceived deadline.  And we were blessed with our miracle warrior princess when I was 28.  Just one miracle. Not the two I had planned for.  And bless,  our journey absolutely did not look anything like the beautiful road map I had all planned out in my head.  Ours was a journey forged in fire, sheer will, and a whole lot of hope.


Could I have gotten to this point sooner?  Could I have taken a different route or a different path to get here?  Some of those obstacles I had zero control over and others there were just periods of times where I was just simply not in the right place at the right time.

But I wouldn’t change it.  Not a single second of it.  Because now, I understand what it’s like to wish for something–to have that longing deep in your heart.  The kind of wish that doesn’t go away and weaves itself into your soul.  Now I know how to fight for something I love and how to protect it at all cost.  I understand how to play the long game–how to correlate that the small little choices help put me on the path to my end goal.  I understand how to be strong enough to leave something “comfortable” for something precious and beautiful.  To make life changing decisions that were hard as hell–knowing with certainty that they would be worth it in the end.  Especially if they were painful at the time.  Now I understand the power of God’s plan for our life and the blessing that I was given of time.  Time to wait.  Time to grow.  Time to learn. Time to cherish.

Time to bloom.


So my friends, if you are waiting.  Or you are past your timeline.  Or you are holding onto the little faith that you have left….KEEP GOING.  Stay strong.  Get back up.  Again and again.  It will be worth it and you will enjoy it so much more than someone that didn’t have to struggle to get there.  The people that had things handed to them in life, who didn’t have to work for them?  You are miles ahead of them.  The struggles that you had to go through, the mountains you had to climb, the hard choices that you had to make–all of those got you ready for your future.  They were preparing you for the life you are about to step into.  I promise, you will look back on your journey with gratitude–much like I do mine.



Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Jaime! Wife to my better half, James, who is my moon and all of my stars. We are parents to our little warrior princess, Callie Grace. We started this blog to share our journey as we navigate through our crazy beautiful life. Callie is a lower limb amputee and I am a Type One Diabetic. We are hoping to change the face of beauty one step at a time! We hope by sharing our story, you leave with a little bit more inspiration and hope! Thank you so much for stopping by and joining our tribe!

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  • jessymunch826 February 8, 2020 at 4:12 am

    I so had timelines. Screw timelines. I have learned through all the years things didn’t work out and things changed and that’s ok. I still accomplished so much of what I wanted, but I learned through so many of the wrenches in my timeline and am so happy with where I am at and none of it is exactly as on my timeline! Just being happy and loving life to the fullest and as honest and real as possible is on my timeline and with the people I love and who love me. 💜

    • Jaime February 8, 2020 at 4:44 am

      Very true words! Sometimes on the detours you find your greatest adventures!

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    About Me


    Hi Y'all! I’m Jaime, a proud working mama, author, girl boss and wifey to an ultra-adorable husband. I am a huge book nerd, I drink coffee like my life depends on it, and run on dry shampoo and Amazon Prime. Leopard print is my favorite color. I am a story teller at heart and this blog is a virtual scrapbook of our crazy beautiful life. I'm a Type One Diabetic and our little warrior princess Callie is a lower limb amputee. By sharing how we’ve chosen to flourish in the garden we’ve been planted in, we hope you can take some small nuggets of hope, inspiration, and laughter. We are so grateful that you’ve found us—welcome to the fam. We embrace our perfectly imperfect lives and don’t let the doctor’s appointments, spreadsheets, speaking engagements, 10th birthday parties to plan, housework or date nights overwhelm us. Those things are just the beautiful reminders of all the blessings in our lives. Read More



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