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The Princess and The Prosthetic

Fall Bucket List

October 5, 2020 in Holidays, Lifestyle - No Comments

Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall is our FAVORITE time of year!  It finally starts to cool down in Texas and it kicks off some of our most loved holidays!  I wanted to share some of our favorite traditions and our “bucket” list items because I think traditions will make this time of year feel special–despite the challenges we face with quarantine/social distancing.


All Things Pumpkin

We are talking multiple trips to the local pumpkin patches and plenty of pumpkin carving.  We generally tend to paint our pumpkins so they last longer and we can be a little bit more creative with the designs.  We love adding some glitter to them or doing a certain theme each year.


Nature Walks

Because it’s finally cool during the fall, we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors.  One of our favorite things is to go on a nature walk and collect all the differently colored leaves that we can–and then make them into a piece of art!

Baking Apple Pies

Are you Team Apple Pie or Team Pumpkin Pie?  I’m just Team Pie–I love them both!!!!  But there is nothing better than the smell of apples and cinnamon in the fall!  Callie has to have hers with vanilla ice cream of course.

Watching Scary Movies

Fall is the perfect time to watch some scary movies as a family!  We love the classics like Hocus Pocus and The Adams Family!  We tend to add a new movie to the mix each year!

Camping at the Ranch

Camping in the summer in Texas….just isn’t happening.  But come fall….it’s the perfect weather.  We love sneaking away for a quick weekend off the grid.  Camp fires, smores, and spooky stories under the stars!


Pumpkin Muffins

I’ve been told my pumpkin muffins are out of this world.  These are on daily rotation in our house from September to November and our friends and neighbors ask me to specifically make them!  Chocolate chips are a fun addition to an already well loved treat!


We are BIG on Halloween!  Our little pumpkin was born  on Halloween after all!  Half of the fun is planning our costumes–here’s a few of our favs through the years!




Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Jaime! Wife to my better half, James, who is my moon and all of my stars. We are parents to our little warrior princess, Callie Grace. We started this blog to share our journey as we navigate through our crazy beautiful life. Callie is a lower limb amputee and I am a Type One Diabetic. We are hoping to change the face of beauty one step at a time! We hope by sharing our story, you leave with a little bit more inspiration and hope! Thank you so much for stopping by and joining our tribe!

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About Me


Hi Y'all! I’m Jaime, a proud working mama, author, girl boss and wifey to an ultra-adorable husband. I am a huge book nerd, I drink coffee like my life depends on it, and run on dry shampoo and Amazon Prime. Leopard print is my favorite color. I am a story teller at heart and this blog is a virtual scrapbook of our crazy beautiful life. I'm a Type One Diabetic and our little warrior princess Callie is a lower limb amputee. By sharing how we’ve chosen to flourish in the garden we’ve been planted in, we hope you can take some small nuggets of hope, inspiration, and laughter. We are so grateful that you’ve found us—welcome to the fam. We embrace our perfectly imperfect lives and don’t let the doctor’s appointments, spreadsheets, speaking engagements, 10th birthday parties to plan, housework or date nights overwhelm us. Those things are just the beautiful reminders of all the blessings in our lives. Read More



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