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The Princess and The Prosthetic

Zion National Park

May 14, 2021 in Diabetic Diva, Family - No Comments

I recently spent 4 days in Utah on a Dad/Daughter trip.


It was amazing.  We flew into Las Vegas (we just drove to Zion instead of flying directly into Salt Lake City) and spent the night there.  We walked the Strip at night since my little sister had never been–saw the fountains at the Bellagio and ate some YUMMY pizza!

We then hopped in the car the next day and drove to Zion!

I honestly had seen pictures but they don’t do it justice.




Unless you are there it’s so hard to put into perspective just how massive some of those mountains and land masses are!

Our first day we did a “warm up” hike in Kolub Canyon–a healthy little 5 mile jaunt to the Double Arches.

Our second day we got up early and tackled The Narrows.

Which was amazing.

But also…..hard as hell.

You essentially walk 8 miles round trip.  In the freezing river.  Atop unstable slippery river rocks.  Navigating the currents with the water sometimes at waist level.

Did I mention the cool shoes, walking sticks and wader pants?


The experience was definitely bucket list material and I’m glad I stuck it out.  There were several points where I wanted to throw in the towel (or after I fell, cry) but we made it!  We witnessed a rock slide/boulder spill about 300 feet in front of us which was also kind of crazy!  We finished out the day at Oscar’s Cafe in Sprindale.  Their Maui Burger is probably on my Top Ten List of Best Burgers.  Highly recommend this place–SO GOOD!

The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn and hiked up to Canyon Overlook.  I’d give this one a 8 of of 10 stars for the stunning views and death defying trails.  At one point, we were hanging on by our toes and finger tips to an algae covered rock wall.

Scary?  Yes.

Worth it?  Yes.

Does Columbia need to sponsor me because I definitely would have plummeted to my death without their amazing hiking boots?

Also, yes.


Later that day, we drove out to Bryce Canyon.  I loved all the hikes we did but I can see why all the people we talked to liked Bryce the best.  Absolutely gorgeous views and thankfully–a slightly packed down path that I didn’t feel like I was going to plunge off the side to my death.

We did the Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop Combination which started at the top of the canyon, descending into it, and climbing back out on a series of extremely steep switchbacks.

We finished up our day at a hole in the wall BBQ place called IDK BBQ.  After 6 miles of extremely steep switchbacks–I ate my body weight in mac & cheese and brisket!


The best part of the trip (besides the solo time I got with my Dad and sis) was that my 770G was able to keep me at 96-98% time in range for all four days.  Traveling is hard and it’s even harder when you have Type One Diabetes.  Add on strenuous hikes, different sleeping and eating patterns, and traveling without my husband who I rely on as a safety net…you can see why this was such a monumental occasion for me!


A huge shoutout to Cable Mountain Lodge! 

We absolutely loved staying in one of their suites–you literally could walk out of our building and the park entrance was 500 feet away! Super close access to Zion Outfitters, a market, coffee shop, and pub style restaurant! We also loved that the deer come out each night to graze at twilight!  Check them out if you are planning a trip to Zion–you won’t be disappointed!

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