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The Princess and The Prosthetic

The 5 Fall Fashion Pieces I Reach for Constantly as a Mama

September 7, 2023 in Lifestyle - No Comments

If you are a working mother like me and you factor in the the new challenges of working in a hybrid environment (partially at home and partially in the office), then you know it’s like the Wild West over here.

Yoga pants, a messy bun, and a college sweatshirt one day and a full blazer/button up/loafer combo the next.  Working in a hybrid situation as a  mama is very much a new frontier that many of us are still figuring out how to maneuver through.

One aspect I’ve found that can be especially challenging is determining what clothes to wear day in and day out with this new hybrid schedule.  How do I look professional and still be comfortable?  In other words, which clothing items can stand up for a Zoom meeting as much as they can handle the school pick up line, archery practice and cooking dinner?  Am I the only one struggling with this?

I’m always looking for hacks, tips, and tricks to make my life easier and there by default–I share them with this community. I’ve learned which pieces in my closet I’ll reach for again and again, and which will hang there unworn due their inability to serve me during this hybrid working phase of my life. Here are the winning hybrid work-from-home-but-also-work-in-the-office clothes I reach for the most during the fall season.

Comfortable Denim

Jeans are a fashion no-brainer. They’re comfortable, timeless, and go with just about anything. And—depending on your office place—you can wear them as often as you like, which makes transitioning from working at your desk, to working in office, to after school pick up absolutely seamless. Right now, I am fully here for the ‘90s jeans vibe—the looser fits are so comfortable, even when sitting at your desk all day or presenting in a meeting. Straight-leg with cargo style details and mom jeans are some of my favorite practical (and stylish) options.

Easy Cardigans

I live for a chunky cardigan.  They are perfect to throw over a simple tank or tee and instantly are great way to  make an outfit appear more professional over Zoom camera and/or hide the leftovers you spilled on yourself.

Pro Tip:  When I have a day free of meetings (bliss!!!), a cozy cardigan can be a quietly luxurious way to elevate my working environment and subtly put me in a more pleasant state of mind.  I invested in some soft mohair cardigans last year and an oversized cashmere wrap that is DIVINE and those are like working in a warm hug when I am working from home.

Basic Tees and Tanks

Definitely the most boring item on the list, but probably the things I reach for the absolute most. A good tee or tank can serve as a practical base layer. Throw a cardigan, vest, denim jacket or button-up shirt over top whenever you need to be in office for a meeting and take it off when you clock out for the day and rush off to horseback riding lessons, math tutoring, and that ballet recital.

Boots, Boots, Boots

I live in boots during the fall and love the versatility that they bring to an outfit. The comfier the better–I definitely don’t wear anything over a 2 inch heel when I’m in office and prefer a pair of Uggs when I’m at home. I love finding styles that I can wear through multiple seasons and that can go quickly from a presentation to a teacher’s conference.  My favorite brand of boots are Frye–they have perfected that lived-in-rock-and-roll vibe that I love.

An Oversized Button Down Shirt

I am really digging the “casually polished” trend–button up shirts that are just slightly oversized.  Looser fitting pants with a more tailored slim fitting tee.  It’s a little bit relaxed with a little bit of structure.

Button-ups are obviously a professional wardrobe staple for most people–that’s nothing new. I especially love them as a mom who works in a hybrid environment because I can quickly throw one on over whatever I’m wearing for the day if I need to jump on a Zoom meeting.  Throwing a button-up on is also a sneaky trick for instantly helping you mentally transition into work mode.

It also takes the guess work out of my outfit planning when I’m scheduled in office–I instantly feel ready to take on the world in a crisp button up.   I’ve bought them in all the staple colors–blue, white, black, and then have added a few statement colors–peacock green and a bright pink.


Hope this list helps!

Love and light,











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